Collect customer data online with Ockto

Are you spending a lot of time collecting, entering and checking customer data? That is a thing of the past, with Ockto. Have your customer data quickly and easily available in your advisory software.

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How Ockto works?

The app lets customers log on to places that contain their financial details, such as the tax website. For themselves and their (possible) partner. Ockto collects the information and displays the result in the app. The customer controls what they want to share and send it when ready.

1. Log-in

With Ockto the customer collects their financial information at websites that contain the needed information. Ockto guides them along these websites. At every website they login with the identification mechanism. When they have a partner he or she does the same.

2. Collect

Ockto collects all relevant information from the websites and creates a personal financial profile. Ockto collects the information and displays the result in the app.

3. Send

The app sends the customer data to your software. Quick and easy to use, and it's completely safe. When they close the Ockto app, all data collected by Ockto is automatically deleted.

Within 5 minutes I have completed the data collection for my mortgage application. Quick and easy to use!

Sophie Grace

Where does Ockto collect data?

Ockto collects data from governmental websites on the behalf of customers, for all kinds of financial products.

The tax Authority has collected many financial details of citizens. This is why they can pre-fill tax forms. This information is available to citizens. Ockto collects all relevant information concerning the customers household, income, possessions and debts.

The employee insurance agency is a public service department which administers information about employer, salary and other possible benefits. Ockto aggregates this data. This gives real-time insight in the customers actual income.

MijnPensioenoverzicht shows an overview which includes where and how much pension is accumulated. From current and past employers. Ockto aggregates all pension data and gives an overview in the app.

MijnOverheid has data on household, land registry, existing housing, valuation report by the municipality of the owned property and Government data about owned vehicles.

Which information does Ockto collect?

Ockto collects relevant financial information from the source about the cusomter and their household.

Ockto collects data about all persons in a household. In addition to their full name, matters such as data of birth and number of working years are collected.

All sources of income are collected, such as the salary earned by being employed or the profit made by being self-employed or an entrepreneur. When receiving alimony from an ex-partner this will be included.

Ockto collects information in case a customer pays alimony to an ex-partner.

Here Ockto collects all information about pensions at current and ex-employers.

Ockto collects information about bank accounts, savings accounts and investment accounts. When owning an own home this data is collected.

Here Ockto collects information about any mortgage there is.

I dreaded the paperwork. Fortunately this was something from the past with Ockto.

Jack Williams